Autograph Card

Anna Julia Kapfelsperger

Layouting an autograph card with 2 front sides, one with a signature and one without. The back has all the links to social media accounts.



amd.sigma, berlin

Creating an image brochure and taking portraits, for amd.sigma - strategic airport development, Berlin.


Video Game Guides

Jak 2 and 3

Page layout for computer game books for Jak 2 and 3 for Hamburg based Agency Glorienschein.



Asian Art Museum

Designing a postcard with just one color (black) for one of their shows in 1999.


Video Game Guides

Dragon age / Halo 2

Page layout for the video game guides for computer games Dragon Age and Halo 2 for Hamburg based Agency Glorienschein.


to a wedding partY

Developing a postcard for a wedding party on maui, january 2013 for Faiza and Chris.



6 page fold up postcard

Creating a 6 page fold up postcard for CIM (Centrum for innovative Medicine) in Hamburg to advertise this group of buildings to start ups and medium sized pharmaceutical groups.



Creating a magazine ad for SILENT Records to promote their coming up CDs.